Achieve Transformational Student Success this Academic Year

with SEAtS

 Unified Student Success Software Platform on the Cloud on Mobile

Student Attendance

From Student ID Card Readers to Bluetooth Beacons and Mobile Apps. We can design the solution to meet your specific needs.

SEAtS attendance tracking solution captures proof of presence, engagement and student success. We offer a hybrid solution that matches the requirements of individual schools, departments, and courses providing the best most suitable approach.

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Space Utilisation

Eliminate the need and costs of a physical room audit. Get instant access to percentage room utilisation and eliminate phantom bookings.

We can give you a consistent picture of space utilisation that is updated in real-time while protecting fee income maximising your facility and infrastructure investments.

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Early Warning System

Prompt critical early interventions with at-risk and under performing students.

Identify common characteristics among students who leave the institution, determine key factors that help predict student attrition, identify at-risk students and develop effective intervention strategies. Customers report using SEAtS to drive 10%+ increases in fresher retention.

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Case Management

Manage every early intervention towards a better outcome with SEAtS Case Management. Simple to use and understand.

Users can create and send reusable email, SMS and document templates. Record all case notes and send meeting requests.

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Machine Learning Analytics

Uses the same AI technology as driver-less cars and ecommerce websites

  • Collects, analyse and score usage statistics, attendance, VLE, assignments

  • Builds a single easy to understand real-time score for every student.

  • Help your team identify when interventions and supports are most needed.

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Visa Compliance

Our International Student Visa System automates the compliance process.

  • Build daily lists of follow-ups.

  • Automatically emails letters and notifications to students.

  • International Student Visa dashboard gives a real-time indicator of compliance status.

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  • SEAtS innovative software solutions can help you engage, retain and obtain the best possible outcomes for all your student.
  • SEAtS can also help you maintain regulatory compliance such as visa and financial aid.
  • Easy to set up, use and run, SEatS can be live in less than 90 days.

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